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John Rule Art Book Distribution was established in 1994 to provide distribution and representation for UK and international publishers of art and illustrated books.

John Rule draws on many years of experience in art book publishing, working as European sales manager for major art book publishers such as Skira, Rizzoli International, the Monacelli Press and Assouline.

Based in Central London, close to the major galleries and specialist booksellers, we provide the kind of personal, professional service you will only get with a small company.

We work with a team of experienced freelance representatives, who have developed close contacts with booksellers and gallery shops in the UK, in Europe and in other export territories.

Our agreements are for exclusive distribution to specified markets. We charge a small fixed monthly fee and then a commission on sales. There is a small charge for storage but only if the levels exceed the equivalent of twelve months sales. Publishers are not tied in to a long-term contract. The agreement can be terminated with just three months notice on either 30th June or 30th December. A full draft agreement can be supplied for your consideration.

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